$20,000 CASHBACK* 



14 BRAND NEW WAREHOUSE SUITES from 172m2 - 221m2 

A storied history of consistent economic growth and steady immigration trends has made Shepparton VIC a premium investment prospect of 2023. Moreover the last 5 years has especially stimulated the area with a diverse yet strong mix of industrial and retail activity. Business owners too can take advantage of Shepperton's middling location, between Sydney and Melbourne the area has easy access to major highways perfect for supplying the two markets with ease.

Akura is pleased to present a new aSpace™ industrial development to best take advantage of the regions already established activity as the 3rd largest regional town in Victoria. Offering a range of sizes to suit individual requirements, these architecturally designed warehouse and factory suites are the perfect solution for first-time buyers entering the market, family super-funds, investors, and business owners.

Quality precast concrete construction provides safe and secure business space for small, smart businesses like online retailers, showrooms, boutique brewers, micro-manufactures, trades and services.

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*Purchasers that submit a sales advice after 01/10/23 that exchanges and settles prior to the 15/12/2023 will receive a $20,000 inc GST cash-back after settlement. Cashback full amount will be distributed at the settlement date post Pexa Settlement from Solicitors Trust Accounts.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss further with James on
0427 151 332.